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Vishal Mukherjee My Blog! I hope you enjoy read­ing, brows­ing and com­ment­ing. Get your­self a cup of tea (or cof­fee) and let me tell you who I am. I promise, I’ll keep it short.

I’m Vishal Mukherjee, been in the professional world since I was 24 years old and continue to learn. The current part of my journey revolves around the IT world. I’ve been going down this path since then.

Grew up in Allahadad now Prayagraj introduced me to Hindustani and Shyari it also provided the milieu to understand the context and flavor of the poetry, even though I cannot read and write in Urdu, the script of these works.

However, this inability has proved to be an handicap to me, for I cannot read the originals, and the meaning of many words escapes me, especially if they are of Persian/Arabic origin, as literary words in Urdu tend to be. So while I may have an overall idea of a composition, I have had trouble deciphering the exact meaning of the verses.

I have relied on various books to get into the mind of the poet, and on dictionaries where words are spelled out either in Devanagari or transliterated into roman characters. Both of these resources have been hard to find and are often incomplete; so I decided to collect, collate and present such a work.

Although I have taken help of a few books to make this site, the meanings of the words and verses are as I understand them. This often puts me at odds at how some of the published titles translate it, but I feel that I do have the wherewithal to understand what the poet actually wanted to say, having spent the first 25 years of my life immersed in the nawabi culture of Lucknow.

I have tried to translate as closely to the verse as possible, but often the translation cannot be literal. Only in some instances where a close or literal translation will have no meaning, have I given the intent of the poet. My objective is to have the reader grasp the literal meanings and then make his own interpretation.

I have presented the shers in Devanagari as this was the script this language was written in before the introduction of the Nasta’leeq calligraphic style of the Persio-Arabic script, and of the Persio-Arabic vocabulary. I realize that many readers who are able to speak and understand Hindustani may not be able to read and write Devanagari. For them, I have transliterated in Roman script, using mainly the ITRANS scheme.

I have also given some footnotes that explain the background of a place, person or an idea, so the reader may have a reference to the context. They are listed at the end of a ghazal.  I have also included audio for these whenever I could find them.

If I find I sher that has been used in a song, but is not a part of the original ghazal, I have presented that as well, even though I feel that the singer may have done some of his improvisation.

A ‘Ghazal’ is a collection of ‘shers’ that are independent pieces of poetry which may or may not have any continuity or similarity of though. In addition, one may know just one ‘sher’ of a ghazal, and it may not be the title verse. For this reason, ALL individual shers are in an alphabetical list in the right hand column.

I am trying to make this a one-stop site for lovers of Urdu poetry, and often have had to borrow relevant material from other sites. In such instances, full credit is given and hyperlink to that site provided. I would encourage you to read these, listed in their own individual tabs, as they will help you appreciate the contents of this site that much better. If you need more resources, look under the tab ‘Bibliography’.

Finally, this is a labor of love, and a work in progress. Please do not hesitate to point out any mistakes or make comments. Any additions to the site are also welcome; please send any material to my attention at [email protected]

Thank you for visiting my site.


I like this field, because I am constantly learning. The greatest lesson I’ve learned through technology is that you don’t have to sit in a class to learn and that the best way to learn is to teach yourself.

BUT I do help others where I can.

I do

  • Manage Infrastructure
  • Learning about SEO

I am passionate about

  • Ghazals
  • Poetry
  • Aquarium

I’d like to

  • do many things…

Having worked with organization like FINO PayTech & STAR CJ Network India Pvt. Ltd. where my work involved maintenance of large IT infrastructure, Network Designing, Managing DataCenter, System Administration and monitoring.

Now planning to have my own Venture DarkZero Networks.

I’ve been associated with SETI Projects now BOINC since 2002, donating most of my computer time for several BOINC projects, including [email protected], & WCG.

My Contribution to BOINC.

My favorite song Slip and Slide Away (Laura Allen 1978).

Yeah, I’m not the eas­i­est per­son to live with. I know.


“I would love to change the world, I just don’t have the source code yet.”

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