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Vishal MukherjeeWel­come to My Blog! I hope you enjoy read­ing, brows­ing and com­ment­ing. Get your­self a cup of tea (or cof­fee) and let me tell you who I am. I promise, I’ll keep it short.I’m Vishal Mukherjee, been in the professional world since I was 24 years old and continue to learn. The current part of my journey revolves around the IT world. I’ve been going down this path since then.I like this field, because I am constantly learning. The greatest lesson I’ve learned through technology is that you don’t have to sit in a classto learn and that the best way to learn is to teach yourself.BUT I do help others where I can.

I do

  • Manage Infrastructure
  • Learning about SEO

I am passionate about

  • Ghazals
  • Poetry
  • Aquarium

I’d like to

  • do many things…
Having worked with organization like FINO PayTech & STAR CJ Network India Pvt. Ltd. where my work involved maintenance of large IT infrastructure, Network Designing, Managing DataCenter, System Administration and monitoring.Now planning to have my own Venture DarkZero Networks.I’ve been associated with SETI Projects now BOINC since 2002, donating most of my computer time for several BOINC projects, including [email protected], & WCG.My Contribution to BOINC. My favorite song Slip and Slide Away (Laura Allen 1978). Yeah, I’m not the eas­i­est per­son to live with. I know.Vishal“I would love to change the world, I just don’t have the source code yet.”

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